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The best utility trailer for home owners!

We all dream of improving the overall look of our homes. But for some, it is their passion. Apogee Foldable Trailers are the perfect choice for home improvement projects. With a load capacity of 2,000 lbs., these trailers can be used to transport heavy items like lumber, bricks, and concrete. They’re also great for gardening and earthwork projects. The trailer folds up for space saving, so you can safely store it in your garage.
Whether you’re a dedicated home owner or do home improvement for a living, Apogee Trailers is definitely a must for transporting your necessary equipment.

Apoge Trailers has all the necessary accessories for any dedicated homeowner!

Galvanized and Aluminum Spare wheels

Your cottage is in a remote location, with hard roads, nothing can stop you when you live your passion, not even a flat tire. With stronger wheels, you can transport any of your needed equipment and materials in improving the looks of your home, from piles of dirt for gardening, to piles of wood.
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Grated cover

Upgrade your loading ramp with aluminum mesh that allows you to load any lawn tractor or 4 wheeler under any condition: rain, snow, mud. This will help you transport any vehicle that will be essential for your home improvement projects even in the harshest conditions.
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Black interior liner made from strong fabric. Designed to haul top soil, sand, dirt and other similar materials.
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Floor Tie-Down Anchors

Secure your load with 1000 lbs floor anchors, on any road! This will help keep all the equipment and materials like plywood, toolss, etc., secure while you transport them.
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High Side Kit

Bring more equipment and secure your load with these removable full aluminum side and front panels. They can provide more space for you to utilize when transporting equipment and materials.
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Wheel kit

These removable aluminum jack wheels and structure that you can use to move your trailer sideways with ease. Most amazingly, you can also use this wheel kit to store your folded Apogee Trailer as well after a day of hard work of improving your home.
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Front Toggling Panel

Aluminum front panel which can toggle to become horizontal, thus providing an extra length of 12” for longer building materials.
The panel is maintained horizontal by 2 wires with 1000 lbs of weight capacity.
This makes it easier to transport long pieces of wood or metal beams when you’re planning on rebuilding your home.
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Your Passion, Our Inspiration


Home improvement is a labor of love for many people. The satisfaction that comes from completing a project, big or small, and making your home just the way you want it is unparalleled. At Apogee Trailers, we understand this passion and are dedicated to providing homeowners with the best possible experience when it comes to trailers and accessories. We have all the best features and options for anyone looking to take their home improvement projects to the next level. Find the nearest dealer today to see our trailers in action!
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