Snowmobile enthusiast – Optimax – Apogee Trailer

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Snowmobile enthusiast – Optimax – Apogee Trailer


Michel C. is a snowmobile enthusiast and happy owner of a foldable OPTIMAX trailer

Thanks to Michel for sharing his story and his project with APOGEE in order to inspire other trailer owners to explore the flexibility and versatility of OPTIMAX and ADAPT-X trailers.

UHMW polyethylene strips

Michel’s snowmobile is a “Long Track” model that he wants to load on his OPTIMAX trailer.

To gain length on his 8-foot trailer, Michel decided to use the rear panel of the trailer to arrive at a total length of 11 feet.

In order to adapt the trailer to the transport of his snowmobile, Michel installed UHMW ultra-high density polyethylene cover strips on the floor of his trailer. Screwed in place, the strips of UHMW polyethylene were secured without interfering with the folding movement of the trailer.

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Easy Access

Thanks to the dumping function of the trailer, Michel can load his snowmobile onto his OPTIMAX aluminum trailer from APOGEE and indulge in his favorite activity!

Michel shared his experience of using the trailer: “This trailer is really practical and easy to use. Its lightness allows me to lift it and handle it effortlessly. It’s a heavy duty-trailer and I really appreciate its handling on the road when the snowmobile is loaded on the trailer. “

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Winter Tip

One last tip shared by Michel, “I use the storage cover once the trailer is folded and I no longer have a problem using my Apogee trailer in winter despite the ice and the snow. My next purchase will definitely be the deflector that is placed in front of the trailer to protect my snowmobile, available in the APOGEE options. “
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