The Adapt-X™ trailers combine unique features without any compromise. When folded, the Adapt-X™ trailers can be stored in only 39″.


Built tough – Built to Last – Built to Fold



    • Structural Aluminum 6061-T

    • 600 Vibration-Resistant Welding Points

  • AXLE

    • Frameco, Galvanized, 3,500 lbs, Dexter Components, CSA Certified

    • 13’’ Galvanized Wheel


    • Anti-Skid Surface


    • Marine-Grade Aluminum


    • UHMW Hinges

    • Stainless Steel Hardware

    • 2,000 lbs Capacity


    • Internal wiring



    • Large carrying capacity for minimal storage space
    • Better protection against theft
    • No visual nuisance
    • No need to remove snow / deglaze the trailer during winter


    • 35% lighter than the same steel trailer
    • Better load capacity: can carry heavier load for a given axle


    • Durable, no rust
    • No painting required


    • Fuel efficient
    • Made of aluminum
    • 100% recyclable materials


The Adapt-X™ trailers are built to last. They therefore come with a solid warranty. From design to manufacturing through the choice of materials, their features will satisfy the most demanding users. Aluminum is 66% lighter than steel. Nevertheless, Adapt-X trailers are only 35% lighter than comparable steel trailers. The reason: the thickness of the aluminum we use to make the trailer so sturdy.


ModelInterior Dimensions (in)Overall Width (in)Weight (lbs)Loading Capacity (lbs)
Adapt-X 300 (4'x8')49.5 X 98.571.54002,312
Adapt-X 400 (5'x8')61.5 X 98.583.54402,272
Adapt-X 500 (5'x10') 61.5 X 12383.55002,212
Adap-X 600 (6'x10')73.5 X 12395.55902,122
Adapt-X 700 (6'x12')73.5 X 1471007102,280
aluminum trailer
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Storage Cover

Black storage cover with Apogee logo, to be used when the Optimax is folded. UV resitant fabric.
Currently not aavailable for the Adapt-X 700.
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Spare Wheel - Galvanized or Aluminum

Spare wheel with galvanized or aluminum rim.
Adapt-X 300 to 600: 13'' tire. Specs: ST175/80R13 (C). Rim specs: 13 X 4.5J
Adapt-X 700: 14'' tire. Specs: ST205/75R14 (C). Rim specs: 14 X 5.5J
Available mounted or not.
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Front Deflector

Removable 3-feet high aluminum deflector used to protect the trailer load (motorcycles, snowmobiles) during the haul. Fits in the 4 corner posts of the trailer
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Black interior liner made from strong fabric. Designed to haul top soil, sand, dirt and other similar materials. Currently not available for the Adapt-X 700.
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Side Step

Removable aluminum left and right steps which fit in the structure of the trailer at the rear of the fenders. The side steps can be mounted on the front or rear of the trailer.
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Grated cover

Bi-fold ramp upgraded with aluminum mesh welded on the ramp structure.
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Lateral transport wheel kit

Unique Apogee option: removable aluminum structure and jack wheels used to move the trailer sideways, thus fitting through gates or tight spaces (>40 inches).
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High side kit

Removable full aluminum add-on sides and front panel which heighten the Adapt-X sides by 12''. Fit in the 4 corner posts of the trailer.
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Front toggling panel

Aluminum front panel which can toggle to become horizontal, thus providing an extra length of 12''. The panel is maintained horizontal by 2 wires with 1000 lbs of weight capacity. Note: must be ordered with the trailer
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Canoe rack

Removable aluminum rack which fits in the corner posts of the Adapt-X. Used to haul canoes, kayaks and other light boats. Max weight capacity: 220 lbs. Its height (54 inches) allows for ATVs to fit under.
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Aluminium wheel upgrade

Upgrade from wheels galvanized rims to wheels with aluminum rims.
Tire specs for Adapt-X 300 to 600: ST175/80R13 (C). Rim specs: 13 X 4.5J
Tire specs for Adapt-X 700: ST205/75R14 (C). Rim specs: 14 X 5.5J
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Jack wheel (1000lbs)

1000-lbs jack wheel, used to maintain the trailer level and easily hook/unhook the trailer to the towing vehicule. The jack wheel is bolted around the trailer tow bar.
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Motorcycle Wheel Chock Kit

Painted Steel wheel chock used to secure the front wheel of a motorcycle. Bolted to the trailer deck. Can remain in the trailer even when the trailer is folded.
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Floor Tie-Down (anchors)

1000-lbs tie-down. Used to secure the trailer load. Available factory installed or uninstalled.
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Spyder Ramp for Adapt-X 500-600-700

Ramp add-ons to easily load low-profile vehicules such as can-am spyders.
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Spare tire cover

Adapt-X 300-600: Custom Apogee spare cover to protect the 13’’ spare tire from the weather
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Front tray

27''x12'' aluminum tray which goes on the tow bar. Provides additionnal loading space.
Also avilable in 27``x14`` for Adapt-X 500 to 700.